JawsDB Privacy Policy


JAWSDB LLC (henceforward "JawsDB", "we" or "us") understands that User privacy and the lawful and secure handling of Personally Identifiable Information ("PII") is of paramount concern for our users. Because of this, JawsDB is committed to user privacy and the protection of their personal data.

This Privacy Policy pertains to the information collected by our Service and our Website. It delineates how the information is collected, how it is protected, how it is used, how it is shared, how and when users can opt-out, how long information is retained, and more.

By visiting our Website or using our Service, you are consenting to the handling and use of your information following the practices described in this Privacy Policy.

Guiding Principle - PII Transience

Personally Identifiable Information, when needed, is queried Just-In-Time for its necessary use and then immediately forgotten. We will never store a user's PII on our application database or any other disk/datastore. Marketplaces where users purchase JawsDB services already store that information and provide secure methods for querying it when needed.

What information is handled by JawsDB?

The PII collected by JawsDB is dependent upon the nature of the relationship you have with us and what features of the service you choose to use.

Account Information

Upon resource provision, JawsDB has access to the contact information associated with the account that was used to purchase the service. This information typically includes an Email Address which can be used to send a "Welcome" email to new users, describing next steps to the user in an effort to improve their experience.

User supplied Information

Users taking advantage of the "Databites" feature may, by querying from their content and that of their users, cause the JawsDB web application to handle their Personally Identifiable Information. Query results are never stored, but may be displayed and shared by the Databite creator. JawsDB users are responsible for ensuring that no PII exists in a Databite before sharing it.

How is your information protected?

Industry-standard security practices are used in the handling of personal information. JawsDB does not store PII anywhere on its application servers and instead queries this information Just-In-Time from the responsible entities (e.g. Heroku and Amazon Web Services). Information is encrypted in transit via TLS/SSL.

What is your information used for?

JawsDB uses Personal information for only two purposes, improving the user's experience, and providing our service.

Improving the user experience

JawsDB sends a "Welcome" email to users when they provision a new resource. The email contains information about the features provided and how to get the most out of the service. The content is generic and does not contain any user-specific information.

Providing the Service

All other information handled by JawsDB will be used only to provide the service and advertised features to the user.

When would your information be shared?

JawsDB does not sell your information to anyone.

Personal social contact information, namely Email address, may be shared with a trusted third-party processor for the express purpose of sending a "Welcome" email to the user.

Information access

Users may at any time request confirmation about whether we are handling PII about them and:

  • Request the content of the PII
  • Request modification of the PII
  • Request the deletion of the PII

Requests may be submitted by sending us an email.

JawsDB makes effort in good faith to provide users access to their PII but may be unable to do so depending on individual circumstances including, but not limited to: when doing so would compromise the privacy or rights of another, or when the information contains legal privilege. When such circumstances arise, we will provide an explanation and a point of contact.

Before providing access to PII, JawsDB will verify identity of the requesting party to ensure that they indeed own the requested PII.

Data retention

Databases and all associated data (including user-input PII) stored on JawsDB's AWS-managed servers are erased immediately upon resource deprovision. Copies of a database schema residing on multi-tenant server backups may be retained an additional 2 days, after which they will be deleted.

Opting out

The "Welcome" emails contain links for unsubscribing from future emails from us. Following these links will allow users to opt-out of receiving email communication from JawsDB in the future.

Other privacy information

GDPR Notice

Under the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), companies that handle personal information for Citizens of the EU have increased responsibility for protecting the privacy of that data and its owners. JawsDB has implemented policies and procedures to be compliant with this regulation.

Policy regarding minors

Because of the nature of JawsDB's business, our product's and services are not marketed to minors. We do not knowingly solicit or handle personally identifiable information (PII) from children under the age of 13 (and in certain jurisdictions under the age of 16). If we learn that we have handled personally identifiable information from a child under the age of 13 (and in certain jurisdictions under the age of 16), we will promptly take action to delete that information.