Plan Changes

JawsDB provides situational support for automatic upgrades and downgrades between plans. See the below sections for when an up/downgrade may be possible. In all cases where automatic up/downgrading is allowed, your data should be preserved. However, it is always a good idea to backup your database before a plan change. See the section in this documentation entitled Manual Backups with mysqldump for information on how to do this.

Application owners should carefully manage the migration timing to ensure proper application function during the migration process.

Depending on whether a desired plan is a single-tenant or multi-tenant (Shared) plan and whether the storage of the desired plan is greater or less than the current plan, a user may be able to change their plan automatically by following the relevant process flow of the platform where JawsDB was purchased.

Plan changes can be made from your Manifold dashboard. Click edit on the resource you’d like to change, select the new plan that you’d like to change to, and then confirm. If successful you will see a confirmation message.

In order to tell whether an automatic plan-change is supported, please reference the table below keeping in mind the current plan and the desired plan.

PLAN To Multi-tenant To Single-tenant (storage < source storage) To Single-tenant (storage >= source storage)
From Multi-tenant Automatic Manual Manual
From Single-tenant Manual Manual Automatic