Snapshots (Backups) now Restorable on Demand

The number one feature requested by users is greater control over backups for their server. JawsDB takes daily backups of every server and holds on to them for a pre-determined length of time depending on which plan the user has purchased. What’s different about JawsDB backups is we take a snapshot of the entire server as it existed at that point in time; these are not just SQL dumps of a server’s data. While there are many benefits to this approach, it has made it difficult to share these backups with users who may want them to restore to an earlier point in time or for copying their database elsewhere.

Today, we are happy to announce that this is changing. Users of single-tenant instances (Whitetip and higher) will now be shown a list of JawsDB’s held snapshots on their dashboard page along with information about what exact time the snapshot was taken. There is also a new section that will allow a JawsDB user to restore ANY snapshot that they have access to. This is not limited to the snapshots for that given JawsDB instance! Users who wish to restore a snapshot they own to a completely new JawsDB instance may do so through this new feature. Details and examples can be found in our Documentation

Thank you all who have submitted feedback and who have requested this feature. Stay tuned for more enhancements to snapshots. We hope to add the ability for users to take a snapshot manually off-schedule for later restoration.

Questions about snapshots can be directed to our support email or our Twitter!