Databites can now be shared publicly

As Christmas approaches, we wanted to deliver on one more commonly requested addition to the service!

Databites are a feature of JawsDB where a read-only query can be run against a user’s database directly from their dashboard and saved for future viewing. Commonly created Databites include those that track used storage space, company sales over time, user engagement with blog posts, etc.

Before today, Databites were only viewable by the owner of the JawsDB instance with access to that instance’s dashboard. Now, a Databite’s creator can choose to mark individual Databites as public. Doing so will generate a URL which can be shared publicly. Those with the link can view the Databite in their own browser without needing to log into Heroku or any other service. The query used to generate the Databite will be hidden, but the output will display as it does for the logged-in owner of the Databite.

Thank you all for your support and feedback this year. We look forward to even greater changes and updates to JawsDB in days to come.

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!