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Fast, reliable, no-bullshark MySQL as a service

Easy Setup

One click provisioning means you can DROP the slow, repetitive process of setting up a MySQL database.

Scale like a fish

No matter the size of your application, JawsDB offers servers to deliver the performance you need.

No Noisy Neighbors

In addition to shared plans, JawsDB offers a variety of plans that deliver servers with a single tenant. You.

Affordable and easy to understand pricing

Single tenant

JawsDB Features

Trust in Jaws

Get access to the same database trusted by sites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and more.


In addition to any backups you personally create, we automatically take nightly snapshots for single tenant databases. This means that our team can help you restore to a previous point in time.


Create, edit, and save reusable queries against your provisioned server. Databites are a custom, zero-hassle reporting solution for your database right out of the box!


Regardless of how big of a wave you're riding, JawsDB makes it easy to scale your database performance.

Stay in Control

For single tenant plans, we provide you and only you with root credentials — so you have complete control of your server.

Data Replication

The world doesn't need to be a scary place, choose a plan that supports failover and your data is replicated to servers in different regions of the world, reducing unexpected downtime.

Upcoming Features

> SELECT Species, Habitat, Range FROM Reef

Take a bite of data

Databites give you access to your data like never before.

  • Create, edit, and run queries with familiar SQL from your JawsDB dashboard
  • View your results in an easy-to-read table
  • Make queries public to share

JawsDB is also available as a Heroku add-on.

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