Fast, reliable, no-bullshark MySQL as a service


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> SELECT Species, Habitat, Range FROM Reef

Take a bite of data Coming soon

Databites give you access to your data like never before.

  • Create, edit, and run queries with familiar SQL from your JawsDB dashboard
  • Turn your results into a data visualization
  • Share everything between your team

JawsDB Features

Easy Setup

One click provisioning means you can DROP the slow, repetitive process of setting up a MySQL database.


In addition to any backups you personally create, we automatically take nightly snapshots of your database. This means that our team can help you restore to a previous point in time.


Create, edit, and save reusable queries against your provisioned server. Databites are a custom, zero-hassle reporting solution for your database right out of the box!


Regardless of how big of a wave you're riding, JawsDB makes it easy to scale your database performance.

Stay in Control

For single tenant plans, we provide you and only you with root credentials — so you have complete control of your server.

Data Replication

The world doesn't need to be a scary place, choose a plan that supports failover and your data is replicated to servers in different regions of the world, reducing unexpected downtime.

JawsDB is also available as a Heroku add-on.

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Affordable and easy to understand pricing

Pricing shouldn’t require a calculator. We are working on a variety of pricing tiers that are easy to understand. If you pick a tier that isn’t quite working for you, don’t worry, we make it easy to switch up.

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  • 30 Connections
  • 2.5 GB Storage Capacity
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